Recommendations for Use

Some suggestions on the most beneficial use of your biofertilizer:
  • Apply it directly to the soil as an irrigation substitute once or more per week. It will help with moisture retention. It’s not a foliar (leaf) application.
  • Store in a cool, dry place out of the sun and rain.

  • The probiotics emit an earthy odor.  Store and use somewhere outside of your dwelling so the bite doesn’t get to you/family members.
  •  It seems to helps build plant immunity. We have seen good results after just two applications on distressed plants that are looking diseased or malnourished (pale, leaf curl, deficiencies, etc.).
  • Take pictures (ideally before and after) and give us all the feedback you have, no matter how brutally honest.
  • It should not hurt/burn plants.
  • Hold onto any sealable containers so we can reuse them.

To the food cycle!