Thanks for the Purchase!

If you ordered by 5pm on Friday, we’ll have it to you by the following Monday!
Here are some suggestions on the most beneficial use of your biofertilizer:
  • Apply it directly to the soil as an irrigation substitute once or more per week. It will help with moisture retention. It’s not a foliar (leaf) application.
  • Store in a cool, dry place out of the sun and rain.

  • The probiotics emit an earthy odor; plants know it as the smell of growth, but it isn’t too pleasant on our noses. Store and use somewhere out of sight to avoid to keep odor to a minimum.
  • We have also seen great results when applied on distressed plants that are looking diseased or malnourished (pale, leaf curl, deficiencies, etc.).
  • Take pictures (ideally before and after) and give us all the feedback you have, no matter how brutally honest.
  • Hold onto any sealable containers so we can reuse them.

To the food cycle!